JAG Companies, Inc. is excited to share that ECI Drilling International, LLC has consolidated operations with Huxted Tunneling, LLC to form one trenchless solutions company—Huxted Trenchless, LLC.




At Huxted Trenchless, we believe that employees are an essential part of our business and that a commitment to customer service is essential. We further believe in the spirit of teamwork and success, and that each of us has a contribution that’s crucial to our company’s success. If you’re interested in joining a leader in the construction industry, please review the current opportunities below, and if qualified and interested, please send your resume. 

Huxted Trenchless prides itself on the following three dedicated core values: reputation, work ethic, and team accomplishment. These have been core tenets of our business since its inception. We strive to find these core values in all our employees. At Huxted Trenchless, our top-notch reputation precedes us in every project that we undertake, and when hiring for a horizontal directional drilling job, we aim to find team members who will help maintain this reputation. As with any career, work ethic is essential to success, and our industry is no exception. A strong work ethic is paramount to the completion of our projects. Lastly, team accomplishment is where we seek to combine our entire team’s efforts into one synergistic output. Without our team mindset, Huxted Trenchless would not be able to undertake and complete the type of projects we have become accustomed to completing.



The Estimator will review project plans and requirements with Microtunneling and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) construction projects we perform. This position requires knowledge of [...]